Facility users


We are flexible in accommodating your needs depending on the study goal. Study participants are free to arrive by themselves or with a companion. They may also be escorted by a study team member it necessary. See the Contact page on how to reach us. We can also accommodate study team members before, during or after the scan if their presence is needed or if ancillary experiments need to be performed. Please let us know if space or equipment is needed, and we will try our best to assist you.


Project Application

If you are interested in conducting a research study with us, please fill out the project application form or contact us for further discussions.



For publicly funded research, the fee of $725 / hour* is applicable with the following conditions:

Price inclusions:

  • Use of facility’s core equipment
  • Data transfer
  • Medical supervision, including Duty of Care reporting
  • Reasonable** amount of training by facility staff on set up and use of core equipment and data analysis
  • Training on safety aspects relating to the operation of core equipment (users are required to complete MR safety training prior to using the facility)
  • Use of facility amenities for preparation and wind-down time, such as preparing the participant
  • Use of interview room (if available and booked prior)

No charges apply to enquiries / initial consultation with facility staff on the feasibility of research projects.

No charges apply to set up of standard protocols. More extensive method development specific to a research project will be charged.

Use of contrast agents, nursing support, general anaesthesia and sedation will be charged at cost, quoted on a case-by-case basis. Researchers are to approach the facility for quotes.

Fees will be reviewed annually. An annual price increase of 3% to cover cost of living increases is expected.


Cancellation policy

Cancellation fees may be charged. Contact us for more information.


*Minimum unit of booking. Full fee will be charged even if scan time falls short of full hour.
**Defined as the amount of training expected to be required by a PhD or post doc with a basic understanding of the technique.